Friday, December 4, 2015

Gun Control and Jesus

As I get older and learn more about God and the world, I have started to see how things are rarely about what we think they are or what we make them to be.  The mass shootings are not really about gun control.  We are in a dead-lock because both sides are right.  More guns will probably increase the number of shootings.  Less guns will just make it so the shootings that do happen go unchecked by civilians.

So where is the solution?

The problem lies not with the weapon but with the heart.  The spiritual condition of this nation is degrading, and it shows.  People do not respect each other like they used to.  Ultimately, there is nothing we can do about that from a governmental standpoint.

Only Jesus can really affect change in people's hearts.

We ought to know this.  We ought to see through the deadlocked surface issues and dig to the deeper ones.  Instead of fighting with liberals about the gun laws--using one-sided data, straw-man arguments, and convincing ourselves that they are idiots and have no valid points--let's use the weapons of our warfare.  Pray like lives depend on it.  Spread the message of the gospel like it has the power to save people and change the world.  Because it does.

Are we so blinded that we are content to shout across battle lines we have helped to create instead of doing something about the real, more important fight?  It's not about gun control or the right to bear arms.  It's about Jesus.  I'm beginning to see that it's always about Jesus.

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