Wednesday, February 11, 2015


The other day I was having a conversation with a coworker, and he admitted to me that he does not like the "normal" Christian radio station music.  No big surprise.  What stuck out to me, though, is that he prefaced this statement by saying, "I probably won't go to Heaven for this, but..."  Of course he wasn't serious, and we laughed, but it got me thinking.

The last four weeks, I've been studying worldviews.  Something this has driven home for me is that Christianity is the only worldview/religion where we can have absolute certainty of what will happen when we die.  We know that God loves us infinitely, and we know that if/when we trust in Christ as the redemptive Savior of our souls, we get our names in the Book of Life, and we will go to Heaven someday.

Nobody else has that.  Either they haven't thought about death, they believe that death is extinction, or they believe that they have to earn their way to Heaven (this includes certain "Christian" circles).  So while we joke about whether or not we'll go to Heaven because of little things, people all around the world are seriously thinking that way.  They can't mess up or go against the guidelines of their religion, or their eternal destiny might be in jeopardy.  Islam also falls into this category.

So then thinking about that made me think about this: what do we do with our freedom?  If Christ has set us free and guaranteed our salvation, how do we spend this life?  Just food for thought.  It made me think, so I'll make you think.