Friday, January 13, 2012

10 Prayers You Should Never Pray if You Want to Remain a Complacent Christian

1. "Lord, use me."  This usually results in a need opening up that only you can fill.

2. "Keep me humble."  You are likely to soon have an embarrassing experience or be injured in some way.

3. "I'll do anything but _______, please don't make me do that."  Eventually, you'll find yourself doing it.

4."If you want to me evangelize, show me a sign."  People who need Jesus will start falling all over you.

5. "Teach me to pray."  A tragic accident will probably happen to someone close to you.

6. "Help me not to be lazy."  You'll quickly notice all the housework you've been putting off so long that you don't even see it anymore.

7. "Give me a desire for only You."  Say goodbye to your hobbies and prepare to have a garage sale.

8. "Help me to be patient."  A frustrating trial that requires your patience is on its way.

9. "Give me a hunger for your Word."  There goes your last bit of free time.

10. "Help me to see people as You see them."  You'll be stuck working or living with a type of person you have previously disliked until you learn.

Now if your desire is to be an active Christian, living your life for the glory of God, I'd recommend all of these at least daily.  Pray, act, and be amazed at what God can do through you when you are a willing vessel.