Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Journal Prayer

Have you ever written something really personal but ringing with so much truth that you just know you have to share it with others?  Yeah, that happened yesterday morning.  I'd just finished reading the chapter about God's eternity in A.W. Tozer's Knowledge of the Holy.

"O God, I am but a vapor on this Earth!  I feel it daily--the constant, unrelenting passage of time.  I want so desperately to grab hold and stop it for awhile, but it pays me no mind.  As the days and seasons slip past, the urgent question presses against my consciousness, 'Am I accomplishing anything that will not pass away, as I will?'  Has eternity taken note of my life in any way, or am I only living to live and be gone?  While I despair of a positive answer to my questions, I hear Your Spirit whisper in my ear.  "Yes, and there is more to come."  My hopeless soul leaps for joy and breathes again.  Eternity knows my name, and the Eternal One has further plans for me to be recorded therein.  How do I find them?  How can I ensure I do not miss an opportunity to make my mark on eternity?  Again comes that sweet voice, "Faithfulness."  So that is it.  Steady obedience to the call of the Eternal One.  So may You grant that my life is."

So may He grant that Your life is as well.

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