Thursday, October 1, 2015

Writing and Pulling Teeth

Hi, guys.  It's been awhile.  In case you were wondering, the summer was fantastic.  I really enjoyed my jobs, the people I had the opportunity to work with, and all the crazy busyness that comes with summer camp.  That's not what I'm here to talk about, though.  I'm more interested in telling you what the last month and change has been like and what I am doing this year.

It all started when God began to put it on my heart to move back in with my dad this school year.  I thought it was a terrible idea at first.  After all, everyone says that moving back into your parent's house once you've been out is a recipe for disaster.  However, God will be God, and here I am, living in my old room with a two-month old kitten.  It's actually pretty great.

What am I doing with my time?  I'm so glad you asked.  A large part of my week is taken up by school.  I started my Associates Degree last fall, and I am scheduled to finish it at the end of April.  The real reason that I am living here is my writing.  I have been writing novels since I was about thirteen years old.  That's about eleven years.  I always wanted to publish, but my work either wasn't good enough, the market wasn't right for my genre, or I didn't have time to find a publisher.  Now I have time, and I have decided to self-publish.

Are you sure?  Yeah, I am.  I could go into all the reasons why, but that would be mostly boring.  The important part for you to know is that I need a fan base.  That starts with you--the few, the proud, the people I already know.  I just opened a facebook page for my authorly self, and you can do me a big favor just by liking it.  If you really want to go above the call of duty, invite your friends to like it.

What are you working on now?  Another excellent question.  Where do you guys come up with these?  At this moment I am writing a stand-alone short story about a prince who doesn't want the throne but can't abdicate, so he runs away.  It's a fascinating tale of identity, growing up, treason, and rebellion.  The target audience is 16 to ancient.  It began as a wedding present for my brother, but the characters demanded a larger audience, and they'll have my head if I don't agree.  I hope to publish it as an e-book in the next 2-3 weeks.

Your facebook post talked about incentives?  Yeah, I was just getting to that.  If you guys can get me to 100 likes by the end of the weekend (midnight on October 4th), I will release a snippet of the short story.  If at least ten of your friends message me and tell me that you referred them, you can get a copy of the final version for free.  Deal?

Here's a link to the facebook page.

Why is this blog post almost over and you still haven't mentioned teeth?  Oh yeah, good catch.  Because when you don't write regularly for three years, writing is like pulling teeth.  I know it will get easier as I stick with it, but right now it's frustrating to not even come close to how much I could usually write on a good day before I stopped.

See you on the flip side.  Happy reading!

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  1. So, what you're saying is writing makes you want to hide in your closet??? ;)